A Client’s Learning Experience

I like to share the experiences of clients, they’re insightful and inspiring!

A friend recommended Charlotte as a practitioner, and after witnessing her personal change I decided to take a chance and try this new physical and mental approach towards well-being called the Grinberg Method. I started taking regular sessions in January 2013 and ended my learning process exactly a year later with great satisfaction and clear changes in my body.


I began sessions because I suffered from psoriasis since I was 16, and every winter it would get worse as a result of the constant anxiety and mental stress I would put myself through in response to different internal and external challenges in life, such as from work, friendship, family and relationships. Also in general, I experienced a low self-esteem and the sensation life is a battlefield. Fighting was my main approach to every problem without actually being in contact with how I really felt and expressing that. My biggest fear was entering into an old pattern where I would be hard on myself and suffer.


My first sessions were painful but unlocked most of my fears and helped me identify the areas of my body which I was not aware of. The beginning was hard, in my case quite dramatic I must say, I could not hold my personal suffering back, I felt exposed and it took me time to actually start trusting Charlotte, while realizing my general lack of trust and pensive approach to life. At that point I felt lost, nothing made sense but throughout the sessions I slowly gained awareness of my body, how it was reacting to different thoughts and emotions that crossed my mind, how to perceive them on a physical and mental level, and most importantly that I was able to control these reactions and finally stop them.


Ending my role as a victim has been a step-by-step process which has led me to the question if I wanted to be a happy and energetic person or a gloomy, depressed and unhappy human being. Taking the positive option, while gaining emotional and physical control through the sessions, has helped me increase my personal sense of value, stopped the psoriasis, and improved my personal relationships and job options.


Today I feel I can live the life that I want. The past is in the past and the future is in my hands.


– Product Designer, Barcelona