A Doctor’s Description of Their Session to Reduce Pain

It’s always fascinating to hear what clients gain from their sessions, here’s Rozelle’s experience from a medical perspective:

In my Grinberg method session with Charlotte, I learnt how to reduce my neck pain and prevent it from reoccurring in the future. I realised some features of the methodology from a biomedical view point. And in fact, the experience taught me a lot more than words can.


Charlotte’s employment of Grinberg method literally teaches you about your body: and it’s collaborative as all good teaching is. In my session she activates the different points of tension and pain in the area concerned, which evolved as I moved, breathed and consciously re-created and let go of the familiar pain concerned. Her fingers triggered proprioceptive receptors, giving a time and intensity map which my brain registered. It gave me a physiological memory of the automatic movements I can create which caused the pain. The reason that is powerful is the memory component; when I left my session, I didn’t leave the knowledge behind – unlike, say visiting a masseuse.


I can now notice my habits of position, breathing and movement which cause the pain. It’s like a roadmap to my body that I know exists but needed activation. In my session, I learnt to use and expand my bodily perception as Charlotte awakened the routes that were causing my neck pain.


The memory of her instruction is in my body and reconnected to my brain now, I can use my ability to perceive in the body when I need to stop something that creates the pain.


– Rozelle K., Medic