Reflexology for Pregnancy – Rebecca’s Experience

Pregnancy Reflexology London.TIF

During pregnancy, Reflexology can be a welcome support for the mother to be. I met Rebecca at the beginning of her third trimester of pregnancy. She was anxious and experienced daily discomfort from swollen feet and lower back pain.

In sessions we focused on reducing her physical symptoms and training her ability to breathe and relax which later became invaluable to help her through the labour and birth.

Here’s Rebecca’s experience in her own words:

“The labour was amazing. I loved it, which was a big change from the first time, which I had told you was induced and ultimately, a C-Section. Throughout my second pregnancy I was quite doubtful of myself and at times really fearful of labour. Eventually, the labour started naturally the night before my last appointment with you and I was just so excited that the baby was coming. I was full of confidence and really happy to ‘get to work’ as it was. Labour was long by any standards, and hard (by definition!). I did lose it a bit at times, but overall I must have held it together because my over-riding memory of it all was that it was the best feeling in the world! It was wild, and hard and I loved it.

I wholeheartedly put that confidence down to the work that we did together. I always said that sessions with you were extremely therapeutic, on so many levels. As you know, I recommended you to many people and selfishly wish you were still here because two of my neighbours are expecting and I think every pregnant woman should have access to a therapist of your calibre. Pregnancy is such an important time for a woman, and the moment when she is at her most vulnerable, physically, psychologically and socially. To have such great support made a huge difference to me, entering a new phase of my life.”